“Corporate social responsibility leads to satisfaction”

The legal standards for data management are there to protect consumers and to provide our profession with a better image. Working with opt-in data obtained with the approval of the consumer avoids unnecessary irritation and increases customer retention.

Data quality as it is meant to be

CDDN, together with its customers and partners, is mapping  the 18 and over demographic. We are fully aware of our social responsibility and always act in the interests of the marketing sector with respect to privacy legislation. All data is optimally protected and are not traded. This is measured and monitored by an annual audit of the DDMA (www.privacywaarborg.nl).

We have also developed initiatives (with a number of organizations) such as the Dutch Infotonen Register, www.afmelden.info and Wie Is Er Benaderd?. These initiatives aim at spreading out phone and mail strain and reducing consumer irritation concerning direct contact.