“The best data is that of your own... that's right”

CDDN CompLead offers you the possibility to validate and enrich your own address files online. Several and especially reliable data partners and official organizations ensure a continuous update of the quality. So within a few minutes you are up to speed with the data of your lost customers.

CompLead: all aspects of data management: 

  • Validating your own data files
  • Currently already up to 99% certainty
  • Platform for campaign management
  • High-quality opt-in data like telephone numbers
  • Already 8.5 million opt-in data

CompLead for online: 

  • Cleaning address files
  • Home Movers
  • Validation of individuals and families
  • Validation of phone numbers
  • Phone number enrichment
  • Moved, but not found
  • ‘Infofilter’ marking
  • Marketing information
  • Deduplicating
  • Target selection and hiring

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