“Your customers deserve to be ‘recognized’ in your own administration”

It's every marketing department’s nightmare: a customer database that is incorrect. Basing your marketing campaign on that means customer irritation and unnecessary costs from the start. By working together we share our accumulated knowledge of these customers. CDDN plays a central and independent role in that partnership.

Data quality in accordance with new modern thinking

CDDN emerged from over more than 15 years of experience in data quality. We know all the secrets to good data management. We are a new generation of entrepreneurs who operate with new management skills and new principles. We want to make better use of each other's knowledge by strategic partnerships with so-called macro data partners and seek sustainable competitive advantage for the marketing industry. We also believe in long term transparency and partnership. 

For CDDN QualiData this means that we, together with the business partners, are building a knowledge alliance (the ‘Basic Administration’). In the process we are developing new management skills, innovative organizational principles are being applied and high-quality forms of productivity (work smarter) realized. The result of this social innovation principle means that it will improve joint competitiveness and productivity.

Companies and organizations are discovering the benefits of the innovative services CDDN offers. By sharing information with companies that have a relationship with your client too, the biggest and best reference file is being built. An outcome and a great leap forward compared to traditional data quality solutions.

Within the data management community QualiData we only manage the data as mentioned below:

  • name (initials, prefix, last name/maiden name);
  • address (street, house number, house number addition and residence);
  • (mobile) telephone number (s);
  • e-mail address (es);
  • gender (male/female);
  • date of birth;
  • date of last contact at customer address.