“The trust of data partners like the legal 'Telephone Preference List' demonstrates the additional value”

Reducing irritation with customers and improving that relationship between customer and supplier makes the approach of consumers worth it once more. People appreciating to be contacted again, brings a positive contribution to the marketing industry. And we create that contribution ourselves by working together.

Your customer is happy to hear from you again

Let's face it, consumers are bombarded with commercial messages. By phone, by mail, by e-mail. Messages from companies who they are customer with, or who see them as potential customer. If that consumer’s data is incorrect, it can be expected to cause irritation. This is easily solved by taking part in the QualiData platform.

It works, prevents unnecessary marketing costs and stimulates a positive customer relationship. The participation of official partners like ‘Birth and Death Register‘confirms this statement. And even better, the European public tender to improving the data quality and transparency of the ‘Bel-me-niet Register’ (the Dutch Telephone Preference List) was awarded to CDDN.