A complete database beats the competition

Quality is the key word. Especially to retrieve lost contacts. To put existing contacts back on the map. As all too often that marketing campaign or that invoice will end up at the wrong address. So CDDN says:  "So good to be re-acquainted!"

Working together on maximum knowledge

100% reliability of the validated addresses. That is the guarantee CDDN is giving you. The guarantee of quality, achieved through working together with branches and industry, working on an optimal base for each marketing campaign and an maximum customer satisfaction: THE database, in which we find only correct and essential customer data. 

That is why we ensure we have a standardized database, before your customer data is automatically cleaned on a daily, weekly or monthly base. This service is part of your connection to the ‘Basic Administration’, free of charge. 

After thoroughly checking the results, your data will be standardized and will, with the appropriately selected fields, be a part of the ‘CBA’. From that moment on, the validating and cleaning of your valuable customer data will be an automated process.