“Who thinks in solutions, thinks in detail”

The starting point is a reliable ‘Basic Administration’. Added value is the specific data that is important to you. Detailed information. That is why CDDN offers its QualiData services with special en renowned data companies like Reader’s Digest and Experian.

Special modules for special procedures

Each specialization requires comprehension and knowledge of situation and marketing needs. CDDN advises and supplies what you need within the legal margins. We have developed a few standard modules this way:

Experian Mosaic 

A lot of companies are struggling with incomplete customer data, where nothing but the address remains. By connecting to the CBA and the special data module Experian Mosaic you will get a full 360 ĚŠ customer image. There are 10 groups and 44 types of households identified. An excellent starting point to address your customers correctly and get re-acquainted.

Update home-moving history

Many companies are struggling with outdated customer data which often seem not profitable anymore to be updated. Connecting to the ‘Basisadministratie’ means that you immediately retrieve those lost customers, with which CDDN QualiData answers a vast need by completing customers datafiles again.
The home-moving history tracks and shows a 13 years history on any consumer, partly thanks to participating companies. It also completes thousands of new addresses. Based on the number of data involved, a proposal is given to you at favorable rates.

Movers alert

Companies are faced with the fact that they are informed too late of a removal of a customer so they are not able to offer their services or products. Many of these companies offer services concerning home moving and in the time prior to the move, there are a lot of potential contact moments. We will inform you with every update of customers who have their home up for sale or for rent. 

‘Death register'

Objective of “death register is to prevent relatives from receiving awkward and unnecessary mail addressed to deceased people. The Dutch “Death register” currently offers their information exclusively through CDDN CompLead and QualiData. This underlines the significance to both parties on the importance of responsible and social direct marketing.

Every year thousands of people in your country will pass away. A “Death register” aims to reduce the negative results of this fact for both relatives and companies. “Death register” ensures that companies are able to up-date their files around five days after the demise and that 90% of these cases will be registered.

Customer credit rate

Using the Risk Index, the household spending behavior is indexed. This allows you to differentiate customers by spending behavior so you can choose which products may be suitable to be offered to a prospect or customer.

This concept is not about acquiring new customers, but we updating your current customers profiles. These profiles are based on credit checks. This gives you insight into customers who might be having cash flow problems in the near future and will inform you about customers with potential up- or cross-sell possibilities.

Partly thanks to a balanced scoring model and a nationwide credit check database, we can define with precision which part of your clientele could be targeted to offer more products or services. Of course you can also select this credit check module for prospecting purposes.

Families with young children

This module is specifically targeted at marketing activities for customers with children. Each year thousands of children are being born. Together with the families in which they grow, they form a target group that could be of interest to you. We have mapped important data from this target group in a reliable way. Every time your database is updated, the software automatically checks for data on your customer’s household composition.