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Marketing automation certainly sounds wonderful. Automatising your CRM so you can get the most from your CRM with minimal effort. But is this possible? What do you need and what do you already have? It is essential to know where you stand in the world of CRM, client processes, and how relevant your current client communication is. How does this currently contribute to your commercial goals?

Obviously, you do not want to fall behind, and we understand that. So, certain investments may be required. Then, you will know for sure that you are getting the most from your CRM with automatised marketing based on facts.

DICE: The way to get the most from your CRM

DICE stands for Data, Intelligence, Campaigns and Execution. These four elements are the building blocks of a step-by-step improvement of your CRM. Sometimes it is not necessary to tackle all four parts, but it is wise to start with the part that needs the most improvement.

Data. It is important that the reliability of your client data is monitored continuously. By checking, correcting and supplementing your information, you ensure that the quality of your client database remains high.

Intelligence. With Intelligence, we predict client behaviour by using algorithms and prediction models. Because of this, you will know when a client has a certain need, so you can address that need.

Campaigns. Create content and campaigns to attract the attention of clients and eventually convert them into sales. Of course, this is all based on reliable input from your own database.

Execution. The actual sending, evaluating and optimising of the offers that are tailored to clients and are received in a timely manner.

The goal of DICE is to connect all parts of your CRM process so that your CRM provides you with certainty at all times. With actual and complete client data, you never leave your CRM process to chance. Ensure quality and reliability in your existing client database and obtain the maximum return.

What are the advantages of DICE for you?

The descriptions above sound great, but what does this actually give you? Well, they deliver something really important, so we are more than happy to summarise it for you. Have you chosen to use DICE? Smart choice, because that will deliver the following benefits.

  • Minimal incorrect postal correspondence thanks to high data quality;
  • Higher turnover per client by playing on client needs;
  • No longer staying behind: you are in full control of your own CRM and get a full overview of current information;
  • Improved company image thanks to relevant communication; and
  • All sale opportunities are visually represented, and you are able to take timely action.

DICE is a product of CDDN & Key Figures

As always, the quality of our services is our first priority. We believe that the best result is delivered through cooperation with partners who are experts in their field. Therefore, we decided to join forces with Key Figures.

Key Figuresare experts in data-driven marketing & sales. They are always busy making marketing and sales measurable. While CDDN is the expert in data (quality), Key Figures is the expert in the dynamic between client and prospect files. They can predict behaviour that enables you to acquire new clients, strengthen the bond with existing clients, and maintain your profitable clients. By combining forces, we have everything we need in our arsenal to make your CRM as effective as possible.

Why would you put time, effort and money into obtaining new leads when you have so many leads in your CRM that you can obtain much more from?

Do you want to find out if DICE is suitable for your company? Be sure to get in touch with us.

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