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‘A safer online gambling market with VerifyMe’

Providers of online gambling are subject to close scrutiny. Online gambling has been legal in the Netherlands since the introduction of the Remote Gambling Act (RGA) in 2021. The number of players eager to try their luck online has increased significantly since then – as has the risk of misuse, money laundering, fraud and gambling addiction. CDDN’s VerifyMe platform cuts the onboarding process down to just two minutes. This allows online casinos to check very quickly whether players are who they claim to be, whether they meet the strict legislative and regulatory requirements for online gambling and whether they can still meet their financial obligations.

There is a reason why more than 70% of online gambling providers with a licence to operate on the Dutch market are already using VerifyMe. It increases the chance of a fast and smooth login process and reduces the risk of negative consequences.

Without exception, the online casinos that use the latest version of VerifyMe praise its rapid onboarding process and the high percentage of new players who can complete their registration in one go.

Strict Requirements

The Remote Gambling Act (RGA) stipulates that providers of online gambling must regularly audit their registered players. For example, players must stay compliant with the strict legal requirements during the months after their initial registration and approval. CDDN keeps the data registration of its clients in the online gambling sector continuously up to date. Existing data are regularly checked for persons with the status ‘PEP’, ‘moved’, ‘insolvent’ or ‘deceased’. It is also possible for a player to be added to the Central Exclusion Register for Games of Chance (Cruks) in the meantime. If a potential customer is listed in that register, they are no longer allowed to gamble online. CDDN checks regularly and fully automatically for changes to players’ information.

By doing so, CDDN ensures that all customer databases stay complete, up to date and fully compliant with the requirements of the RGA and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Most online casinos that operate on the Dutch market have already joined CDDN’s ongoing monitoring system.


One of the most important things an online gambling provider wants to know of their customers is whether they are actually able to meet their financial obligations. This is made possible with an insolvency check.

There are several public sources that record data concerning bankruptcies, suspensions of payment and debt restructuring for private persons which may be found in the local registers of various courts. With this information, CDDN clients can check whether the company they want to do business with has gone bankrupt or whether a customer is the subject of legal debt restructuring. CDDN’s insolvency and receivership check makes consulting these sources exceedingly simple.

The real-time insolvency check has been fully automated and can be implemented as a separate module. The check is also available as an expansion of the Know Your Customer (eKYC) package for optimal online customer identification. Furthermore, the check forms part of CDDN’s Consumer Basic Administration for the continuous validation of customer data. CBA community members are immediately notified whenever there is a change in their customers’ data. This may also concern an address change or a notice of death, for example.


Behind the scenes, CDDN staff are standing by 24/7 to answer any questions regarding customer data and databases as well as to help insurance companies keep their own customer data in order and fully compliant with the latest privacy legislation. Our extensive experience with other sectors where the Financial Supervision Act (Wft) and the GDPR play a major role, such as (online) gambling providers, banks and media, ensures we can quickly and expertly provide a solution to any challenge.

Would you like to know more about VerifyMe for online gambling providers? Download our dedicated product paper.

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