Consumers Basic Administration

Imagine: your client changes their contact details or moves. They do not report this to you, but they do convey it to another company where they are a customer. How nice would it be if a notification automatically arrived at your company? It would save you a lot of miscommunication, time and money. It would also lead to higher customer satisfaction and an improved company image, as the customer does not get irritated with it all. Good news: we have turned this dream into a reality.


We built the Consumers Basic Administration: an independent platform where companies can share knowledge (not data) with each other regarding changes to client information. Obviously, this is all done in line with the current privacy law. We currently validate more than 120 million Dutch and Belgian client records through the Consumers Basic Administration every month. This is important because companies are legally obligated to ensure saved client data is current and accurate. Therefore, our platform makes it easier to meet the requirements of this law.

Sounds good, but what does it give you?

  • Saves costs by minimising incorrect postal correspondence.
  • Fewer and shorter outstanding invoices thanks to current invoice data.
  • Higher customer satisfaction and improved client relations (as little client irritation moments as possible!).
  • You meet the legal requirements surrounding privacy and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – 2018).

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