NIMA - Martin Huisman

NIMA and CDDN have many things in common. This applies to work as well as to a shared philosophy about privacy and integrity. The cooperation between the two companies therefore works in two different ways, as stated by Martin Huisman from NIMA: “Data is increasingly more important in the world of marketing, communication, and sales: the playing field of NIMA. Because of this, the interest in integrity and ethics grows, too. What is ethically responsible in terms of a marketeer handling data and what is not? To bring this into perspective, NIMA developed an integrity code, with a personalised integrity brand for professionals and a company certificate for organisations. This brand is based on the current laws and legislation. CDDN was the first party to receive the company certificate after a group of employees finished the integrity exam successfully.”

Exemplary function

This is an important element that reflects the integrity and ambition of CDDN, according to Huisman: “In an organisation where data plays the most important role, all eyes are on integrity, privacy and ethics. CDDN understands this unlike any other. By obtaining the NIMA Marketing Integrity Brand for companies first, CDDN proves it is exemplary in the data services market.”

Clean database

NIMA is also a customer of CDDN, and Huisman is happy with the service: “CDDN keeps our database clean. This is especially important for NIMA. As an occupational organisation for professionals in marketing, communication and sales, we also have to set the right example. With CDDN, we do not have to worry about our data being incorrect, and that is simply the most important condition for our cooperation.”

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