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Database Consultancy

Data consultancy

At CDDN, we understand how important data and data quality is for your company, organisational goals and marketing strategy. To grow and to optimise your company processes, our experienced data consultants translate your complex data and turn it into concrete and applicable advice. In this way, we make carefully collected data accessible and well-organised. Discover the benefits of data consultancy!

From valuable data to useable input

We effectively organise your company data with techniques as well as people. By mapping out your current data processes, we know exactly where to start. Are there certain areas that could be improved? We pick up on them. This includes automatising data processes and streams where this is necessary and required. Is your system not fast enough for quick processes? We can provide new systems, as well as everything needed to increase the performance of your company. We also integrate web services, so you have everything you need in one easily accessible place.

Are your processes AVG-compliant? If not, we can also help you with this. Compliance is especially important as the fines for this can be astronomical.

By using the right tools, we analyse the online and offline client data you have collected. The results of this are subsequently studied and interpreted by our experienced data consultants. Of course, you will also receive a clear report of our findings. In other words, useful advice that you can truly use. It provides you with the input required to build your strategy and reach your goals.

Why every company needs data consultancy

1. You effectively use existing information. Our data consultants basically translate information that is already known into useful information. Are you already collecting client information? Are you already in possession of sales information? Then you should do something with that! Do not let it disappear into a dusty drawer. Instead, use it in the best way possible.

2. You get to know your client. Let our data consultants analyse your client database, so that you get to know your client and their buying behaviour in a whole new way. This is valuable information for your marketing and sales department, as it can be used to perfectly tune into the customer journey. Obviously, data does not lie.

3. You are a step ahead of the competition. Use your carefully collected data in the best way possible and play on the needs of the client. The better you know your client, and the more insight you have into their buying behaviour, the more specific you can be as you meet their wishes and expectations.

4. You distinguish yourself in your market. How distinguishable is your company, product or service in the market? It is difficult to be unique in a world where everything is already invented and thought about, where new techniques and developments follow one another in rapid succession. With data consultancy, we focus on the details of your data. This way, you can identify how to distinguish yourself, choose your niche and stand out!

5. You enhance your service level. Exceptional service is no longer an exception, but an understanding. The modern consumer is spoiled and expects the only best service around. How can you offer that? By playing on the needs, wants and expectations of your target group in the best way possible. And that starts with… right, data consultancy.

6. You improve the quality of your product. Does your product meet the needs of the target group and the market? And is the quality still optimal? When did you test this for the last time? Put your product, service or brand under a critical magnifying glass. We can also help you with this. Let our data consultants analyse your product or service’s data to see if you meet current expectations. By doing so, you can adjust your strategy early, if necessary, so you can still meet your goals. Measuring these expectations always brings results!

Is data consultancy interesting for your company?

Data consultancy is interesting for every organisation that takes itself seriously, has the intention to grow, finds quality important and values service. Are you an entrepreneur, director or manager with ambition? Do you want to get the most from your organisation’s marketing strategy and goals? Make smart use of data consultancy with CDDN.

Data consultancy is interesting for the self-employed as well as small, medium and large corporations. All types of data are interesting. No matter how big or small your company is, every company has organisational goals and marketing strategies. Data consultancy helps you to realise your ambitions and obtain results by using company data in the best way possible.

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