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Data enrichment

Do yo want to enrich your client base with extra information in order to offer your clients even better services and boost your sales? Before you can be of better service to your clients, you must first get to know them better. What is their situation like? What do they need? What purchasing behaviour do they exhibit? Various socio-demographic characteristics from well-known data partners who collect up-to-date data can help you achieve this. These include:

  • Age of the resident;
  • Income;
  • Owner-occupied or rented home;
  • Family composition;
  • Information about the home and surroundings
  • Interests and preferences;
  • Company registrations;
  • Online and offline behaviour;
  • Number of removals on an address.

The more complete your customer profile is, the better you can gear your offer to their needs in a more relevant manner. When you align this properly, the chance is much more considerable that your customer makes a purchase with you. Customer relevance in optima forma.

Above, you can see a small example of the well over 70 features that we have available via the renowned data partners. All these data are acquired 100% in accordance with the present privacy legislation and regulations and are supplemented with information from public sources. Think about market surveys, questionnaires, opt-in promotions, Statistics Netherlands (CBS), removal changes, Do Not Call Registry, land registry information, and so on.

The advantages for you?

  • You build a complete and current customer and prospect database and you are consequently aware of their needs.
  • You are able to send more interesting and more relevant information to your target group.
  • A more considerable chance of selling your product or service.
  • Time saving – you do not need to search for or request this additional information.

How does it work?

It is easy. You upload your customer database and the database is returned to you including the additional customer data. What steps do you need to take?

Step 1. Offer the file via a secure and certified connection.

Step 2. Indicate what you want to do with the file.

Step 3. Within a couple of minutes you receive an email with results and rates.

Step 4. Download the file in the stipulated format.

The options

To make customer data as accessible and relevant to you as possible, we work with various modules that are part of the subscription to the Consumer Records Database. A significant advantage hereof is that data breaches are prevented as much as possible. Are you using the Consumer Records Database? Then you do not need to send your customer data to all sorts of external parties. We organise everything via one system and you always dispose of the latest and most relevant information about your customer. Easy, you simply pick the module that is best in line with your need for information. Some examples of available modules:

  • Removals. Who (just) moved? And what is the new address?
  • Deaths. Are there any known deaths at the address of your customer? Good to know, because this prevents uncomfortable and painful situations.
  • House for sale. Who is moving shortly? Interesting to know if you offer services or products regarding a removal.
  • Insolvency. This module provides information as to whether your customer is allowed to do business with your company. Is it wise to do business with this customer? And is payment afterwards a safe option or is it better to opt for immediate settlement?
  • The supplementation of basic data. Are data missing, e.g. the telephone number, date of birth, and the gender of your customer? With this module, we add them to your database.
  • Check and improve names. Are the names included in your database correct? With this module, we check and improve the names of your customers.
  • Demographic features. Here you can choose from well over 70 demographic features. You can personally make a selection of the features relevant to you. They are added to your customer database.
  • Home information. Provides information about the home and residential situation of your customers. In what type of house do they live? Do they have a garden, balcony or flat roof? What is the WOZ value (value for the purposes of the Dutch Valuation of Immovable Property Act) of the house?

It is possible to take out a subscription to one or more modules. This way, your customer database is constantly kept up to date and you always dispose of the most relevant information about your customers and prospects. Do you have one file of which you want to supplement the customer data? Then it is also possible to opt for a one-off enrichment, without participating in the Consumer Records Database.

Would you like to receive information about the prices of the various modules? Then contact us.