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Data validation

Did you know that, on average, 15% to 20% of a client database gets corrupted annually by duplicate registrations, incorrect input of information, household relocations, deaths, divorces, new estates and fraudsters? This all adds up after a couple of years. And that is a shame, because it costs money and causes irritation for clients.

To keep your client database complete and current at all times, we ensure that we check, correct and supplement your data. With this, we only validate the “NATEDIS”-data, which means name, address, telephone number, email, date of birth, initials and sex. We do not manage the competition-sensitive information of your company.

How do we ensure your client database remains reliable?

  1. By cooperating with corporate life, the Consumer Basis Administration knows almost all economically active residents of The Netherlands and Belgium. If they report a change to one of the participating companies, you are automatically notified of that change. Of course, this only applies if you also have a client relationship with that consumer. You can then determine which client needs to be contacted to get their current information. For example, when the client logs into their “my” environment. This saves a lot of irritation among customers and is immediately relevant.
  2. CDDN has a good overview of the companies that collect current data from consumers. We only work with renowned companies, specialised in collecting information about household relocation, deaths or family composition with the approval of the consumer (opt-in policy). For example, from the moment a client moves or dies, we can deliver the new address or the date of death through our data partners. The data is traceable, transparent, and can be distributed to third parties (which includes your company).

We ensure that your client database is qualitative, reliable and current. This way, you have security and can get the maximum return from your client database.

Sabine Tempel – Schoonenberg Hoorsupport:

“Correct data is essential to create a successful campaign… For that reason, we work with CDDN.”

The advantages for you?

  • You make sure that the information in your client database are accurate.
  • You meet the administrative duty of care in accordance with AVG 2018 and receive data that is traceable and transparent.
  • All data in your client database are standardised and uniform, which creates a comprehensible overview of the data, making it easy and faster to work with.
  • You save time and money by eliminating incorrect addresses (and subsequent miscommunication).
  • For example, does your client have a new number or address? An automatic process ensures you only have to do minimal manual amendments to change your client data. We even provide direct notification via email when a change takes place.

How does it work?

Aside from asking the client to confirm their data, we check your client information through our Consumer Basis Administration. Next, the platform checks if any of your customers are present in the file of one of the participating companies and if that data matches. If that is the case, your information is current. If the other company has more recent contact information, or if one of the data partners with opt-in data has this client data, you will receive an update. In this way, you keep your client database complete and current because you are a member of one of the biggest reference platforms in the Benelux.

The options

The investment to participate does not depend on the size of your client database alone. It also depends on how many of these activities you have undertaken yourself to keep your data current and accurate. In simple terms: we need less data buy-in for a current database (relocations, deaths, etc.). With an older and corrupted client database, we have more buy-in costs. For this service, you pay an annual tariff. As time progresses, you get an increasingly larger discount on this annual tariff because we do not have to buy as much client data. Of course, it has to remain fair.

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