Schoonenberg - Sabine Tempel

Clean data is incredibly important for Schoonenberg. Sabine Tempel, Traffic Manager at Schoonenberg clarifies why. “At Schoonenberg, we deliver hearing aid solutions. This means that our target group mainly consists of elderly people. The chance of death is therefore higher compared to a younger target group. In The Netherlands, there is no such thing as a general register where deaths are recorded. To keep our database up to date, we cooperate with CDDN.” That cooperation consists of two parts. “CDDN keeps our database up to date, and in the meantime, we deliver valuable information in return for CDDN’s deaths register, which is a separate module of CDDN.”

Data is a must for every marketing department.

As a Traffic Manager, Sabine gets a lot of benefit from accurate databases. “Correct data is essential to create a successful campaign. Specifically, for the marketing department of each company, and for Schoonenberg particularly, because of the risk of death of the target group. That is sensitive information that needs to be reliable. Making an error, sending a personalised campaign to a deceased client can be a painful and uncomfortable situation.”

Easy cooperation

Sabine indicates that she is happy with their cooperation with CDDN. She recommends that other companies who could benefit from a clean database have a conversation with CDDN as well. “In the beginning of our cooperation, we spent a lot of time mapping out our needs and expectations regarding our database. Once this was done, we did not have to do much. CDDN does it all. So, it almost runs automatically. Very easy.”

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