Your customer database always effortlessly up to date.


We help you control, correct and supplement your client database. This way, we keep the quality of client data and data processes high and current. We have specialised in this for over 15 years. We also adhere to all (privacy-related) laws and legislation: Privacy First is in our DNA. We always put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer: so, what do I want and not want to see happen with my information at (marketing) companies?

Our goal?

To make data available in an honest, transparent and respectful manner towards the consumer, and in accordance with the current European legislation.

We know more together

By working together, we share our known client databases. CDDN (Communication Data Diensten Nederland) connects banks, leisure and branch organisations within the automotive and football industries, publications such as the Telegraaf Media Group and De Persgroep, retailers such as EyeFactory and Schoonenberg, training institutes such as NIMA, funds such as SOA/Aidsfonds and Stitching Alzheimer, as well as insurers such as Yarden, Ardante and Leidsche Verzekeringen.

In conclusion, more than 1,000 companies and institutions have united within the Consumers Basis Administration. Thus, CDDN plays a central and independent role as an intermediary. We love to share our knowledge and information with you.

CDDN is also known in the media as the experts in the field of data and privacy. We have done numerous interviews, TV appearances and articles in The Netherlands. A couple of examples are: