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Vision for the future

We stand at the beginning of a data revolution. That is something that is certain. However, we would love to be the pioneers who start this data revolution, which is why we started Consumers Basic Administration. We believe there is plenty of potential in this concept. It has lots of benefits for companies, as well as for consumers. At the moment, Consumers Basic Administration is used to keep client information up to date. A beautiful goal, and useful for both parties. But imagine…

There is an online tool where consumers can keep their own information up to date and where they can utilise their privacy rights. Think about the right to review, right to data portability, right to object, right to remove and the right to update. This tool is linked to our Consumers Basic Administration, which is connected to hundreds of companies. In this tool, the consumer also provides his/her preferences, interests, income, family situation and so on. What would that mean for the companies who have joined? And for the consumer?

Hyper-relevance. Taking away the obstacles and irritations for companies and consumers. Companies know what the consumer is and isn’t waiting for. This because the consumer indicates his or her preferences. As a result, consumers are no longer harassed with uninteresting and irrelevant information.

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