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Data optimisation

Did you know that Dutch corporations waste €400 million annually on incorrect postal addresses and correspondence alone? That is a shame! Client data is not always properly recorded in your client database. This can be caused by typos, spelling errors, sloppiness (the incorrect use of capitals), an extra space, duplicate information, and so on. Aside from not looking professional, it also leads to errors and additional costs. We help you to remove incorrect information from your client data. By doing so, you will no longer waste money on incorrect postal addresses and correspondence.

What are the benefits for you?

  • A “clean” and reliable client database, without incorrect information.
  • More efficient working – you no longer have to dig endlessly through your client database, as you can find the information you need immediately.
  • Makes your company and data governance more professional.
  • Minimises correspondence being sent to the wrong address.

How does it work?

First, we discuss with you how you would like to clean up your client database and how we can improve your data quality. Once you deliver your client database, we look at it with one of our data specialists. Thanks to our Consumers Basis Administration, we can validate your client data and remove incorrect information from your client database. Once your client database has been cleaned up and is reliable and accurate again, we ensure that all your data returns to you according to your preferences. No fuss, just a qualitative and reliable client database.

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