RDC - Lucas van Rijen

RDC has been a client of CDDN since 2010. After a couple of years, Senior Product Manager of RDC, Lucas van Rijen, considered working with us again. “New suppliers presented themselves, who claimed to provide even better and smarter data services. So, we did some research into the best service to cooperate with. And again, it turned out to be CDDN.” The impeccable reputation of CDDN was the deciding factor, Van Rijen said: “Our services at RDC are based on confidence. Our clients entrust us with their information, which we handle in the most discrete way possible. So, we expect the same from the service we work with. CDDN provides that service and continuously improves data protection. That is what we value a lot.”


Van Rijen also praises the intensity of the collaboration with CDDN. “In the runup to the new privacy law, we had a number of sessions together to improve current products and develop new products. A beautiful example of co-creation, where we get to benefit together from the possibilities within our boundaries. We benefit from an optimal product for our client information and CDDN can use the same product for its other clients. So, it is a win-win situation.”

Transparent cooperation

Van Rijen kept in contact with CDDN every week. “Every week, we have a short discussion to keep each other posted. We do not write full documents to one another, but simply catch up over the phone. One week, we have a lot to discuss, and another week we have less. Because of this, we always remain up to date and it prevents potential issues turning into full-blown problems. It keeps the cooperation good.”

Van Rijen also appreciates the transparency of CDDN: “I am quite open in my conversations with CDDN and the same applies to them in their conversations with us. The people at CDDN are honest and no-nonsense, and I like that.”

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