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Any valuable information is newsworthy. That is why we would like to keep you informed of news from the trade and about the trade. News about laws, regulations and standards, especially in connection with the new privacy legislation. News about consumers. And of course news about CDDN.

VerifyMe expands with PSD2 in collaboration with I-Finance
2023 in a nutshell
CDDN partners with
We know who we are dealing with even quicker
The new VerifyMe: a modular ecosystem to even further expedite the verification, registration and monitoring of new players.
Alternative to giro payment slips helps IFAW
'Keeping the customer database up to date saves money'
Bingoal first gambling provider to sign contract with GameID
Lawyer in gambling sector team at Vissers Legal: ‘CDDN has a proven track record’
Play smarter with GameID from CDDN
Untargeted advertising for online gambling providers is prohibited. What is still possible?
Active monitoring of online players
‘More work is needed to achieve the right conversion rate’
‘Improve the quality of your telemarketing leads’
'In 2023, twice as many casinos will join us'
Online casinos praise fast onboarding
‘2022 was a roller coaster’
CDDN’s online gambling clients protected from fraud
Bingoal checks online players’ data with CDDN’s scan software
CDDN now also provides ongoing monitoring of registered online players
More than half of all the online gambling companies work with CDDN's eKYC services
How do you quickly and reliably check someone's identity?
Clean up your customer database with a deduplication tool