Active monitoring of online players

Online players are actively monitored, completely automatically, through GameID: the smart ecosystem for online gambling providers launched last month that enables them to onboard players rapidly. It allows online casinos to monitor – with no additional effort on their part – whether their registered players still comply with the strict laws and regulations.

The Remote Gambling Act (RGA) stipulates that online gambling providers must regularly audit their registered players. For example, players must stay compliant with the strict legal requirements during the months after their initial registration and approval. CDDN keeps the data registration of its customers in the online gambling sector continuously up to date. Existing data is regularly validated for ‘PEP’, ‘moved’, ‘insolvent’ and ‘deceased’. It is of course also possible that a player has been added to the Central Exclusion Register for Games of Chance (CRUKS) in the meantime. If a potential customer is listed in that register, they are no longer allowed to gamble. Within GameID, CDDN regularly and fully automatically checks for changes to players’ information.

This way, CDDN ensures that all customer databases stay complete, up to date and fully compliant with the guidelines of the RGA and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


One of the most important things an online gambling provider wants to know about its customers is whether they are able to meet their financial obligations. This is made possible by means of the insolvency and guardianship check built into GameID as standard.

The real-time insolvency check is completely automatic. As soon as an online player’s situation changes, an online casino automatically receives a message in the GameID dashboard and can easily take action or contact the player in question.

Changes in address, bank account, gambling limit or registration in the CRUKS register are also automatically tracked and shared with the online casino.