Bingoal first gambling provider to sign contract with GameID

Bingoal became the first online gambling provider to sign a contract with GameID. GameID is a solution offered by Dutch data company CDDN. It allows players to log in just once and then play directly at multiple online casinos. This makes onboarding very quick and gambling providers immediately comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

GameID allows online players to register with multiple gambling providers faster, safer and easier. They can additionally set their own default spend limits. GameID also offers many benefits to providers of online gambling. First and foremost, it is a smart ecosystem for lightning-fast online player onboarding and monitoring. Through a dashboard, online casinos receive comprehensive management information and can communicate quickly and directly with players. GameID also ensures that the companies fully comply with Dutch legislation and their legal duty of care.

Added value

“GameID has great added value for us compared to the traditional way of logging in,” says Quentin Impens, marketer at the Belgian company Bingoal, one of the first online gambling providers with a Dutch license and also the first casino to implement GameID. “It is revolutionary for our market, especially if other providers also see the benefits.”

Impens is referring to the fact that with a GameID account, players can basically log in to multiple providers without having to enter all their data again. Impens: “That reduces the risk of players dropping out during the registration process because it takes too long. That gives us a huge advantage.”

Impens explains how the online gambling market in the Netherlands has become increasingly strict over the past two years. “Especially in the field of advertising and marketing, our range of options is increasingly narrowed down. That requires adaptation and we must stay fully informed of the latest developments. With our partners – including CDDN – we continuously ensure that we comply with the latest legislation.”

Registration and verification

CDDN (Communication Data Services Netherlands) has been providing online player identification, registration and verification for the vast majority of online gambling companies since the online gambling market opened up. Over the past two years, it has built up a tremendous amount of knowledge about increasingly stringent laws and regulations and how online gambling companies should handle information and privacy-related data of their customers. CDDN Director Peter van Kooten: “We quickly realised that all providers, as well as players, were running into the same bottlenecks: registration and verification of all data is time-consuming and subject to an extensive set of rules. We felt this could be done smarter, safer and faster, while still fully complying with all the rules around privacy.”

This resulted in launching GameID: a single place where all online player data is entered, allowing players to log in at multiple online casinos. It is comparable to the Dutch ‘DigiD’ or the Belgian ‘Itsme’ government authentication systems. “Both the initial registration and the verification of all data, such as age, bank account, address details, insolvency, registration in the Cruks registry and setting spend limits can now be completed at lightning speed”, Impens says. “That was already true for VerifyMe, CDDN’s earlier Electronic Know Your Customer system – but GameID is even more sophisticated. The added value for our players is having to register just once. And as operators, we know instantly who we are dealing with.”

Impens sees GameID as a game changer for the market. “It makes it easier and safer for both players and casinos.”

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