Lawyer in gambling sector team at Vissers Legal: ‘CDDN has a proven track record’

‘Laws and regulations are becoming stricter’

Law firm Vissers Legal has assisted many online gambling companies since the market opened up. They reactively refer to CDDN’s tools on a regular basis. “CDDN has a proven track record.” Lawyer Guy Billet notes that the Kansspelautoriteit – the Dutch Gaming Authority – is tightening the reins. “As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a licence.”

Law firm Vissers Legal, which has offices in Den Bosch, Kerkdriel and Eindhoven, regularly refers potential gaming providers to CDDN. Guy Billet, a lawyer with Vissers Legal who specialises in gaming legislation, describes this cooperation as follows: “We assist many companies that offer (land-based and) online gambling. What we have seen is that the market for online gambling has become ever more strictly regulated since it opened up in October 2021. According to the Gaming Authority, the channelling level that was initially set has been achieved, so the authorities are increasingly restricting gaming providers through legislation and regulations. And for that reason, we occasionally refer clients to CDDN. CDDN has been operational since the market opened and knows the applicable laws and regulations. CDDN has demonstrated that it can continuously offer its services in accordance with these regulations, so that gaming providers are given the opportunity to operate in this difficult market. They have a proven track record, so to speak.”

Ever more strict

Billet expects the rules surrounding online gambling to become ever more strict. “The so-called channelling target [85% of gamblers play with a licensed provider; ed.] has now been achieved, according to data and statements from the Gaming Authority. Originally, the idea was to regulate the market more strictly once that level of channelling was reached. And I see that idea being put into practice.”

Among other things, Billet refers to the ban on untargeted advertising for online gaming providers with effect from 1 July. “And using role models in advertising has been prohibited since no less than six months ago. From 2024, it will probably be prohibited to sponsor programmes and events and from 2025, sports sponsorship by online gaming providers will in principle be banned altogether. So yes, I do expect the regulation by the legislator to become increasingly strict. Now that the channelling level has apparently been achieved, the authorities envision that the regulation of the market must be brought up to standard.”


Vissers Legal has decades of experience in assisting and supporting land-based gambling companies such as casinos and has also assisted many online providers since the online market opened up. “We are a full-service office,” Billet explains. “So we help companies prepare a licence application with policy documents and research, but we also look for third parties who can help an aspiring gambling provider in the process: CDDN, for example. We also assist with the actual licence application, we are the point of contact for the Gaming Authority, we monitor procedures and deadlines, and we continuously support providers as soon as they are operational. As a sounding board and adviser, and – if things goes wrong – as a lawyer to protect their interests before the Gaming Authority and/or a court. We are, as it were, a kind of corporate legal counsel for the client, so more than just a lawyer.”

And that’s not always easy, according to Billet. “The rules aren’t always clear. You can see this in the fact that even legal, reliable and expert gambling companies get fined these days. After all, how should you interpret the rule that you cannot target advertisements at young adults? Does that also include targeting ads towards them? The laws and regulations are not clear on this. These are questions that we as a law firm are constantly working on.”

Not easy

There are currently 23 companies licensed for the online gambling market. Billet believes that several more have applied for a licence. “But only a small proportion actually get a licence. Many applications are rejected, it certainly isn’t easy. A lot depends on the right preparation. And that means getting back in touch with the right parties who really know what they’re talking about and what they need to do. There are many aspects involved and you can’t get that knowledge from a book – you really need operational knowledge here. Vissers Legal and CDDN demonstrably have that knowledge.”

White paper on Online Gaming

Where in the past the focus was on advice and licensing for fixed (land-based) casinos, online gambling is developing very fast. The lawyers of Vissers Legal are at the forefront of this development and can assist companies in applying for online gaming licences. Read a comprehensive White Paper on this subject here.

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