Online casinos praise fast onboarding

Online casinos that work with the latest version of VerifyMe all praise the fast onboarding process and the high percentage of players who can complete the registration in one go. Bet Nation, Tombola, Seven Eleven and Bingoal, as well as larger platforms like Oryx and Finnplay, have stated that they are very satisfied with the latest updates.

“It is true that online onboarding with CDDN’s tools is possible within two minutes,” says Jaakko Soininen of Finnplay. “This is necessary, because the competition is fierce and players don’t have the patience to wait long to register.”

More and more casinos choose CDDN’s eKYC solutions due to their user-friendliness for players and CDDN’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of laws and regulations and data handling.

“We use CDDN not only as a provider, but also as an advisor on the mandatory identification steps that a player must go through before they can access the online environment of the casino,” says Bingoal’s Joeri Impens. “Having more insight into who uses the games of chance at Bingoal has minimised the risks of unwanted persons entering our (online) casinos.”

VerifyMe has improved considerably due to the insights that CDDN, together with the providers of online games of chance, have gained in the period since 1 October 2021. The main difference with the first version is that all necessary checks can now be carried out in one go. The earlier version consisted of separate services that jointly checked the new player. Its main disadvantage was that it was a time-consuming process. With the first version, a player who did not complete the registration in one go had to start the registration process all over again. Now a new player can interrupt the registration process and resume it whenever they want.

This has increased the success rate of the system to 98% approval on the first attempt.

“We certainly notice that”, says Adam Gill of Tombola. “The percentage that discontinues registration halfway through is very low.

The various spokespersons for online casinos all say that working with CDDN relieves them of many worries. This is obvious, because the companies not only use the latest version of VerifyMe, but are also increasingly focusing on ongoing monitoring. This lets online casinos monitor, without any extra effort, whether players registered with them still comply with the strict laws and regulations. “We are under a magnifying glass, but we do everything possible to work according to the rules. The services of CDDN are indispensable to this effort.”