VerifyMe expands with PSD2 in collaboration with I-Finance

By integrating the affordability check of I-Finance Services into CDDN’s VerifyMe, the onboarding process is expanded on by an important step. The PSD2 connection provides, a verified insight into the financial data of consumers with the consumer’s permission using advanced data categorization. By developing this integration, CDDN and I-Finance Services are creating an industry standard in consumer onboarding, contributing to secure and smooth customer acceptance and better consumer protection.

“Thanks to this collaboration and the integration of our affordability check into VerifyMe, we enable operators to efficiently and seamlessly evaluate the financial situation of users, in a responsible and secure manner.” said Dion van Duijn, CCO at I-Finance Services.

VerifyMe – The modular ecosystem for registering and monitoring customers online
More and more products and services are purchased online. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for providers of insurance, telecom and gambling, among other things, to check the identity and solvency of customers. Because is the customer who he says he is? Is he allowed to purchase a product or service? And can he even afford it?

VerifyMe is an ecosystem for registering and monitoring (new) customers online and provides answers to these questions. VerifyMe’s seamless registration process consists of a variety of services including email verification, address details, iDIN name and address check, IBAN name check, ID check and various (background) checks, including PEP, insolvency, Cruks, guardianship, money laundering, terrorism, relocation and death. It is also possible to add or omit industry-specific services and checks in the registration process.

What is PSD2
PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) is a European directive that promotes open banking. This directive makes it mandatory for banks to open their APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to third parties, provided the customer gives permission for this.

The integration of PSD2 into the services of I-Finance Services enables companies to perform an in-depth analysis of the financial situation of their users. This is possible due to the access to financial data that PSD2 facilitates.

About I-Finance Services
I-Finance Services is a FinTech company that specializes in assessing and monitoring the financial behavior of consumers, both automated and through personal servicing. In addition, I-Finance Services offers consumer credit portfolio management services (Loan Servicing) and provides recruitment and selection services for the consumer credit sector.

For these purposes, I-Finance Services has developed advanced and flexible software, among other things. This software offers standard and cost-efficient solutions, but also enables the creation of flexible, custom solutions tailored to the customer.

A key value is customer acceptance services, which allow our customers to do business with consumers with complete confidence. I-Finance Services responds to increasingly strict legislation and regulations, with the aim of fully relieving our customers of this.