Clean up your customer database with a deduplication tool

For many companies and organisations, customer files are becoming ever broader in their scope. This is a good thing, as it enables you to serve those customers even better. But as the amount of data increases, the chance of duplicate data also increases. And that in turn can lead to errors and extra costs.

Double information is not only unprofessional, but it also leads to unnecessary mistakes and extra costs. However, deduplicating data is a time-consuming task that is not always prioritised. For this reason, CDDN developed an online deduplication tool that every marketer or data analyst can use quickly and from any location. Within an hour, you can know exactly where you stand.

“Most marketers or data analysts rarely put together a mail pack themselves or are able to modify it,” says Martijn de Boer, co-founder of CDDN. “In most cases, you have to go through the IT department first. That takes time. Also because a request from the marketing department is often not given the highest priority.”

With the deduplication tool that CDDN developed you can get started yourself. The tool can be used 24/7 and you can log in from any location. You work in a secure environment and have access to all the data anytime, anywhere. If you can’t figure it out, CDDN offers customer support. A free session, in which someone looks over your shoulder and supports you, is provided as standard.

How does it work?
In the online tool, you start by importing your house-, suppression- or post files.[A1] The tool quickly checks whether all the addresses entered are complete. In addition, all the data is validated and the addresses are checked against current street registers. Once the files have been imported, you can very easily select the mail packs you need at that moment together with the number of addresses per mail pack.

After only one hour, you will receive a notification and a deduplication report. The report contains all the duplicate addresses and data so that you can share it, for example, with a printing company or your marketing team. This prevents customers from receiving a mailing twice or receiving a mailing containing the wrong information.

With the deduplication tool, you can simultaneously deduplicate your customer database and your email database. It can be used for both physical mail and digital newsletters.

Is it safe?
CDDN’s deduplication tool is an online tool that works in a secure environment. CDDN has 14 years of knowledge and experience in the field of privacy legislation and is working each day to keep all available data up-to-date with a high level of quality and service. All their processes and systems are ISO 27001 certified (information security). CDDN is also continually looking for new data sources to keep anticipating the needs of its clients.

CDDN’s deduplication tool offers even more advantages, namely:

● A ‘clean’ and reliable customer file that is free of erroneous data
● You can work more efficiently
● You have the data that you need instantly to hand
● Both your company and your data are professionalised
● You minimise the number of incorrectly addressed shipments.

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