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CompLead Online Target Group Selection

Is the success of your organization dependant on your current client database and NAWT[SD1] -data? Target Group Selection allows you to independently collect up-to-date client files. You get 24/7 access to full Dutch client records from CDDN and our data partners. This way, you can obtain a larger, more complete and more relevant client database to increase your market return in just a few clicks.

Supplementing client database and lead generations

With Target Group Selection, you get the choice to start from scratch by selecting new leads or to expand your existing client database. The advantage of expanding your current database is that you only pay for the collection of new potential clients. Target Group Selection has a special function that filters out existing or earlier contacts, preventing double payments and ensuring you only pay for new prospects.

Which data can I order?

Target Group Selection allows you to create your client profile prototype based on 25 different client characteristics. Next, you tell us how many contacts you would like to collect based on our counts, and which information you want to receive. So, you choose based on the information you want to have, but also the information you already have, giving you a combination of:

  • Address information
  • Name and address information
  • Name, address, and phone number (depending on registers)

The highest market return always and everywhere

Target Group Selection is available 24/7 and can be fully managed by you. With this online portal, you can make your selections at any given time. Are you about to roll out a marketing campaign that is based on residential addresses with a specific target group? Or are you missing certain telephone info in your call list at the last minute? Go through some simple steps with this tool and order your desired information in minimal time.

All information is collected and stored in a straightforward manner. This means that CDDN continuously ensures data quality and respects privacy rights. This makes Target Group Selection a safe way to improve your client database and fill it with interesting prospects at every moment of the day.

Experience the convenience of Target Group Selection

Ordering a selection is quite simple. You use the selection criteria to create a target group that aligns with your marketing goals. While making your selection, a count is kept of the available numbers that meet your criteria. If needed, you can adjust it according to your preferences..

When the selection and available numbers are to your liking, you simply order the data. You’ll receive a quote for your target group selection, and only then will you make the decision to commit to that selection. This also means you’ll never encounter any surprises.

Curious how Target Group Selection works? Contact usand experience the convenience for yourself.