‘More players through faster admission techniques’

The gaming industry is currently going through a rapid transformation, partly due to the introduction of new rules and regulations. In this dynamic landscape, Sekura.id, a leading mobile identity solutions company, and CDDN combine real-time insights delivered directly from mobile network operators. The collaboration not only increases the turnover of gambling providers but also the number of admitted players.

Sekura’s unique SAFr platform offers numerous benefits that are specifically beneficial to gaming companies. “Robust verification measures are achieved by matching name, address and date of birth with those of the operator,” says Matt Cooper of Sekura. This not only helps to prevent misuse but also improves conversion rates. “We saw a 7.62% increase in 19-year-olds, a group of players who were previously rejected due to a lack of credit history,” he added. This shows that companies can now appeal to a broader customer base by looking at mobile operator data.

The cost-benefit analysis of Sekura’s services is impressive. Since Dutch figures are not yet available, Cooper provides Canadian figures: “Ten thousand checks cost approximately C$4,500, resulting in an estimated added value of C$55,000,” Cooper states. This means companies can expect a very high return on their investment by using Sekura’s mobile identity solutions. The higher match rate among younger individuals with a limited credit history further highlights the effectiveness of this approach.

Sekura.id also provides extensive country-specific compliance. “Sekura.id outlines the compliance journey and ownership from customer to gaming company to security to the operator and back, always ensuring the information is respected, not seen, not stored and only compared in real-time,” Cooper explains . This is crucial for gaming companies that have to comply with strict regulations while aiming to offer a smooth customer experience.

CDDN’s Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes are significantly improved by Sekura’s technology. “KYC and AML can be handled easily as a customer’s name, address and date of birth details can be verified via their mobile identity,” Cooper said. This reduces the number of steps required for verification, giving customers faster and easier access to gaming platforms.

A smooth customer experience is essential for customer retention. “Results are typically available within a second, allowing customers to enjoy fast, seamless processes that don’t interfere with their gaming experience,” says Cooper. This reduces obstacles when logging in and leads to satisfied customers who come back more often. “A satisfied customer is a returning customer,”he emphasizes.

Cooper appears enthusiastic about the possibilities for further collaboration and case studies in the Netherlands. “I would like to conduct an iGaming Netherlands Case Study,” he says. “This could provide valuable insights into how Sekura’s solutions can transform the Dutch gaming sector, specifically.”