We know who we are dealing with even quicker

Bingoal.nl is the first online gambling provider to register and monitor its players completely online with the latest version of VerifyMe VerifyMe is the solution of the Dutch data company CDDN and offers a modular ecosystem for securely verifying, registering, and monitoring players. With VerifyMe, players are identified safely, quickly, and reliably at the ideal moment within the purchasing process. This makes onboarding very fast and makes gaming providers immediately comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

At the end of 2021, Bingoal was one of the first companies with a Dutch license for the online gaming market. In order to comply with the strict Dutch conditions and rules regarding abuse, money laundering, fraud and gambling addiction, the Belgian company has been working intensively with CDDN since the beginning of 2021. “CDDN helps us to guide players in the Netherlands through the login process as quickly and user-friendly as possible. And without this collaboration it would have been a lot more difficult for us to enter the Dutch market,” says Quentin Impens, marketer at Bingoal and closely involved in the collaboration since the beginning.

Registration and verification

CDDN (Communication Data Services Netherlands) has been providing the online identification, registration and verification of players for the vast majority of online gambling companies since the online gambling market was opened. Over the past two years, it has built up an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise about the increasingly strict legislation and regulations and the way in which online gaming companies must handle information about their customers. Martijn de Boer of CDDN: “We soon saw that all providers, but also the players, faced the same issues: registration and checking of all data is time-consuming and subject to many rules. We believed that this should be possible smarter, safer and faster. We still comply with all rules regarding privacy.”

The result is the latest version of VerifyMe: “Both the initial registration and the check of all data, such as age, bank account, address details, insolvency, registration in the Cruks register and set playing limits are very fast,” says Impens. “That was also the case with previous versions of VerifyMe, but this version is even more advanced. And we as operators know very quickly who we are dealing with and at the same time are compliant with the most recent legislation and regulations. It also helps to prevent fraud and identify and deter defaulters at an early stage.”

Contribute to development

As with CDDN’s previous implementations for the gaming market, Bingoal is one of the early adopters. The excellent relationship that both companies have built up over the past 3 years plays a significant role in this. Impens explains how the online gambling market in the Netherlands has become increasingly strict in the past two years. “Less and less is allowed, especially in the field of advertising and marketing. This requires adjustment and staying well informed of the latest developments. With our partners – including CDDN – we continuously ensure that we comply with the latest legislation. It is not without reason that we have been involved from the start and have always thought along with CDDN.”