2023 in a nutshell

A year ago, Martijn de Boer from CDDN spoke about a “rollercoaster” when he was asked about how 2022 went. If possible, the past year brought even more commotion. The highlight of the ride was the launch of the new and improved VerifyMe, the solution that started the gambling adventure for CDDN in 2021. A brief look back at 2023.

More than a year after the introduction of the Remote Gambling Act, CDDN managed to complete onboarding via VerifyMe within two minutes. At the beginning of 2023, insolvency and relocation checks also became an increasingly popular product for which gaming providers managed to find CDDN.

At the beginning of this year, De Boer also saw a number of online casinos that initially did not use CDDN’s services. “They saw that we were doing very well with the majority of the market and are now retracing their previous steps. That was a great sign.”

De Boer dared to predict at the beginning of 2023 that the number of online casinos that would purchase a CDDN product would double. “And that prediction came true,” he therefore looks back with great satisfaction. Together with more and more umbrella iGaming platforms, CDDN was able to significantly optimize the previous versions of VerifyMe in 2023 until the launch of the new VerifyMe in December.

Log in centrally

Initially, in 2023, CDDN – together with several early casinos – fully focused on the development of GameID, a solution with which players only had to log in at one place and then immediately play at multiple online casinos. Although De Boer and his colleagues still support the idea, it turned out to be a few steps too far for many gambling providers. They were afraid that their customers would switch too easily to competing platforms. “And so we migrated everything except the central login area to the latest version of VerifyMe,” De Boer explains. “This has created a completely new modular ecosystem for safely verifying, registering and monitoring players. Truly a highlight of the year!”

The year also brought positive reviews from the legal community. Gaming lawyers said that although the Gaming Authority is taking increasingly strict action, providers who work with CDDN have less to fear. “For that reason, we occasionally refer customers to CDDN. CDDN has been operational since the opening of the market and is familiar with the applicable laws and regulations. CDDN has demonstrated that it can continuously offer its services in accordance with these regulations, so that gambling providers have the opportunity to operate in this difficult market. They have a proven track record,” said lawyer Guy Billet of Vissers Legal.

Earlier in 2023, Björn Fuchs, Chief Digital Officer of Fair Play Casino’s parent company Janshen-Hahnraths Group, also spoke highly of CDDN. According to Fuchs, the fact that CDDN now knows the market like the back of its hand offers many advantages.

Midway through the year, the Dutch legislature indeed tightened the reins. For instance untargeted advertising was banned. However, CDDN convincingly showed that this does not have to lead to fewer players or income. After all, a lot was still allowed.

There was more

In all the online gaming frenzy, we would almost forget that CDDN is active in many more markets. For example, a solution was launched in 2023 with which many charities managed to limit the loss due to the disappearance of the giro collection form: Paypen, simple payment with your pen. In addition, the ongoing monitoring solution integrated into VerifyMe was also rolled out to the insurance market and mobile industry. And NATEGIS, developed by CDDN itself, was improved on several fronts.

De Boer: “We would never have achieved all this without our clients and partners. Partly thanks to their input, trust, brilliant ideas, and patience, we were able to invent, create, deliver and further develop. It promises a lot for 2024.”

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