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‘The best modular ecosystem for online player registration and monitoring’

Providers of online gambling are subject to close scrutiny. Online gambling has been legal in the Netherlands since the introduction of the Remote Gambling Act (RGA) in 2021. The number of players eager to try their luck online has increased significantly since then – as has the risk of misuse, money laundering, fraud and gambling addiction. VerifyMe easily registers new players in just 2 minutes, reducing the number of dropouts. 

VerifyMe is our ecosystem for the online registration and monitoring of (new) players. VerifyMe’s seamless registration process consists of a comprehensive range of services, including email verification, address information, iDIN NAW check, IBAN name check, ID check and various (background) checks, including PEP, insolvency, Cruks (Central Exclusion Register for Games of Chance), guardianship, whitewashing, terrorism, relocation and deaths. It is also possible to add or exclude services and checks in the registration process. 

The online casinos that work with VerifyMe all praise the fast registration process and the high percentage of players who can complete the registration in one go. 

Here's why 70% of the online gambling providers has already chosen VerifyMe:

Players can register quickly, often within two minutes.

A lower drop-out rate thanks to the seamless and intuitive registration process.

Dedicated dashboard with detailed management information.

Monitor the registration process in real time and contact your players directly.

Ongoing monitoring: your player information is always up to date and you are compliant with the statutory check of PEP and sanctions lists.

Our cheap and fast NATEGIS check will eliminate the need for a costlier iDIN check in up to 90% of registration cases.

Your data are stored securely, separately and on your own server, if you wish: your data are never shared with any third parties!

Compliance with Dutch laws and regulations.


Our cheap and fast NATEGIS check makes VerifyMe unique. It allows you to skip the more expensive iDIN check by the bank in up to 90% of registration cases.

Via a dashboard, you receive a continuous stream of detailed management information and can monitor your players’ registration process in real time. If a player encounters an issue, you can contact them directly to guide them through
the registration process.

For online gambling providers
VerifyMe’s registration process is fully tailored to the needs of online gambling providers. It includes all the necessary services and checks to guarantee a safe onboarding process for new players. If you want to add additional services of your own or leave certain components out of the registration process, you can. The choice is yours. VerifyMe can be fully customised to match the look and feel (your own logo, colour scheme and corporate style) of your online gambling platform.

It goes without saying that your data will not be shared with anyone: every online gambling provider’s data are stored strictly separately. You can even have your own dedicated server, if you wish.

A comprehensive and fast registration process for online gambling:

In most cases, the registration process will begin with a verification of the customer’s email address. We ask the new player to enter their email address, after which they receive a verification code via email.

Next, the new player has to enter their postcode and house number. VerifyMe will then instantly retrieve and complete the remaining address information.

VerifyMe can read identification documents such as a passport, ID card or driving licence. In 98% of cases, a customer’s ID document is read successfully at the first attempt. Using OCR technology, the scanned information is converted into text, after which the player can make any necessary changes by hand. If your player has a computer or laptop without a camera, they can easily scan their ID document with a smartphone instead. During this process, their social security number (BSN) and photo are automatically blurred.

Our cheap and fast NATEGIS check is what truly makes VerifyMe unique. This check is performed for virtually all Dutch people aged 18 or older. Furthermore, our legitimate interests authorise us (or our third-party verification providers) to authenticate your identity with your mobile phone provider, for the prevention of fraud and identity theft. It means that the more expensive iDIN check by the banks can be skipped in up to 90% of registration cases. As this check is performed entirely in the background, it does not inconvenience your player at all. If the NATEGIS check is successful, the iDIN check can be skipped; if not, the iDIN check will still be performed.

With the iDIN NAW check, a customer’s name and address information are checked via their bank. This is only necessary if the NATEGIS check failed With our advanced technology, it is possible to skip the iDIN check in up to 90% of registration cases. This leads to significant cost savings for you.

To minimise the risk of fraud and mistakes made by new players, we perform an IBAN name check. This is done to prevent unintended transfers to wrong or fraudulent beneficiaries.

And that’s not all. VerifyMe also performs checks for e.g. PEP, Cruks, sanctions lists, insolvency, guardianship, relocation and deaths. Many of these checks are performed in the background without inconveniencing the player in any way. In short, VerifyMe offers a complete onboarding flow that includes all the services and checks needed to be compliant with Dutch laws and regulations for online gambling providers.

New! The 'Safe Play' option: No more surprises with a fixed fee per registration.

Ongoing monitoring

VerifyMe continuously keeps your players’ registered information up to date. Existing data are continuously checked for PEP, relocations, insolvency and deaths. It is also possible for a player to be added to the Central Exclusion Register for Games of Chance (Cruks) in the meantime. If a player is included in this register, they are no longer allowed to play.

With ongoing monitoring, we make sure your player data are always complete and up to date, so you are compliant with the provisions of the RGA and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Most online gambling providers who operate on the Dutch market use our ongoing monitoring service.


One of the most important things an online gambling provider wants to know of their customers is whether they are actually able to meet their financial obligations. Several public sources record data concerning bankruptcies, suspensions of payment and debt restructuring for private persons that are found in local court registers. The insolvency and guardianship checks are included in VerifyMe’s registration process and ongoing monitoring.

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